Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A Chocolate Buffet...... Oh My Goodness !!!

I want to say right from the start I did not imbibe even a sliver of the above. It was tough,  it I knew I would not be able to stop if I started! Things deteriorated somewhat for me yesterday, I was terribly seasick the previous evening - or what I thought was seasick, this turned out to be labrynthitis and I have spent two sessions in the infirmary, three IV drips and two injections ! I am up and about now, and hoping the holiday insurance will pay out, otherwise it's bread and water for me for a few months ! I am up to my eyes in medication,  but the Russian doctors and nurses were fantastic, they looked after me brilliantly and were very kind. Occasionally I found it hard to understand the pronunciation of 'cannula ' but mostly their English was efficient and understandable. 

So I sat and watched Lerwick from the deck resting on a sun bed as the weather is glorious. So, onwards and upwards for a healthy final three days !' 

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