Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Whale Watching and the power of the sea

We went on the whale watching trip out of Reykjavik and had a bracing and somewhat chilly morning ! We were transported from Hafnafjordur where the Magellan had docked to the whale boat. We were supposed to dock in Reykjavik but this Sunday the harbour had to cope with seven cruise ships and it seems we were a little later than five of them, so an Oceana ship and our ship had to dock some 30 minutes from the centre of the city. This slight inconvenience was completely countered by being in the perfect position to see the most amazing of a few amazing sunsets ! Nothing was in the way of Magellan and the sea, we sat in awe watching the summer sun slowly setting over an unencumbered vista. Sheer bliss.

Back to the whale watching ! After boarding the vessel were we warned that the sea was quite rough, and that was something of an understatement………..we rocked and rolled, upped and downed all the while listening to a most informative and enthusiastic young lady telling us about all the various wild life we hoped to see. We watched Puffins flying faster than Usain Bolt with their fat little bodies held up by madly waggling wings, skewers and storm petrels by the dozen, but ne’er a sign of a whale ! Suddenly the cry went up as a Minke whale surfaced and everyone rushed to ‘10 o’clock’……….he/she had submerged by the time we arrived and that was it ! The whales were there but not obliging our side of the boat. As if to save the day large dolphins appeared and played in, around and under the boat for 10 minutes or so which was delightful, so we felt the early start and the ever present sea sickness was worth it after all. The drive back to the ship was quiet and sleepy all the while the nausea going away, for which I gave many thanks ! By the time we boarded the ship I was quite ready for a light lunch and so the round of delectable food began again !

The rest of the day was wiled away with reading, a nap and then another dinner. I find sitting by the large picture windows and watching the sea very satisfying and peaceful. The waves have been good to us thus far and the sun on the gently undulating water verges on the hypnotic. It both delights me and lulls me to sleep. I realise a myriad of authors and poets describe the sea much more vividly than I ever could, and they are right. It puts life into perspective, we can never conquer it so must just go with whatever mood it is in. I could sit all day watching this movement, and quite understand the draw of the sea to so many folk. 

PS I like the fact it comes dressed with amazing food and the luxury of a cabin and housekeeper though ! I’m not so very intrepid !

By day.....

Evening in paradise.....

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