Saturday, 23 September 2017

Sailing back to Blighty

Two quiet sea days are now very much welcomed after such a fantastically energetic and inspiring holiday. I feel the need to wind down and relax to prepare for the rest of a very very busy term ahead. 

We have a big concert in November so rehearsals will start for that in a few weeks, and I must also begin to think about some music rehearsals for my youth group performance of Dido and Aeneas in February - it sounds a long way off but the time will fly and it will be upon us.

There is also a week in Yorkshire working with the Renaissance ladies which I know will be challenging as well as interesting, the more advanced the singer, the more challenging the work. Exams are looming too, with a few high grades and a number of starters, obviously the repertoire for these baby exams is simple and uncomplicated, but one never knows what might happen with an under 8 on the day, so I always feel as if they are being very much nursed along to ensure the whole thing is a very positive experience.

So we are sailing past Denmark as I write, the only way I know this on what seems like open sea is when my phone pings and BT tells me that I am using data in……..Estonia, Denmark, Sweden or Timbuktu! Fortunately nowadays they have agreements with telephone companies, so infact I just use my normal contract amount and don't come home to a bill the size of Aberdeen !

The sailing day revels do not really appeal to Kate and myself, although the late night buffet last night was a triumph of artistry and culinary wizardry but having just finished late sitting dinner we were not really ready for more splendid food.

There was a langoustine mountain, a huge chocolate dragon, a butternut squash waterfall, a butter mermaid pouring cream from a jug and sugar sculptures which would have graced the Tsar’s table in the Winter Palace. It was a sight to behold, and we found out that the ice carving man was also fully employed carving fruits and vegetables during cruises - that was his ‘real’ job ! How astonishing.


Off for a good coffee and a relax. The sun has appeared so it may be possible to sit up on a high deck which would be lovely. 

Signing off from the Baltic Adventure, it has been a cracking experience. Over and out.

Sailing under the Danish bridge which joins the mainland to the largest of the islands. The bridge is 6.6 km long.

Then in the middle of the night, out into the North Sea and homewards.

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