Thursday, 3 August 2017

Newcastle, rain and wifi !

We are now docked in Newcastle and it is pouring down ! Quite a change after the hot sun and blue skies of our cruise days past ! We may take a leisurely ride into the Royal Quays shopping centre today by  the shuttle bus, just to feel a bit as if we are moving back to reality, or we may not ! After a disasterous set of excursions being very very late back to port last night the ship actually left three hours late - this is unknown in my experience of cruising - so we missed the slot at the pilot station in Newcastle and arrived here three hours late. I did not realise how serious this is for the tides, the docking berths etc and it has caused mayhem this morning. Thankfully we did not have a plane or a train to catch but those who did must have been in a state of panic. In essence even moving at a much faster rate of knots we could not make up the list time so the port schedule is thrown out, we missed the nearest berth as another cruise ship is now ensconced in that and we are further away from the city and therefore the coach for tours have further to go, and have sat waiting much longer .........something of a mess I fear. I am sure some maritime heads will roll.....

My personal wifi gadget has proved amazing. Whenever there is a good signal we can have wifi at a faster speed than the maritime crawl, and it worked everywhere except the Faroes which is perhaps to be expected!  I am very glad I purchased it and with luck it will take me around the world in the coming year !

Onwards to a quiet day.......

Oh dear - back to Blighty !!

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