Sunday, 16 July 2017

Final big rehearsal and some very indisciplined eating !

What a great rehearsal.......the finest 'long Sunday' we have ever had. It came, it ran to time and it finished on the dot of 7pm. Here's hoping that means a blistering dress rehearsal tomorrow night !

The problem is always the lighting. I understand nothing about lights, lighting boxes, filters or washes etc so we may need someone who understands these things, and someone who knows where the equipment is kept ! Sadly all my years in the business count for nothing in the tech department, my skills are on the stage, and on the stage only !

Ah well, we shall see.

I ate extremely badly today as well. I had packed up a proper diabetic lunch complete with some fruit, some meat and some low carb snacks, but as soon as the buffet food appears, and the homemade cakes, tablet and flapjack are plated up I am a woman without a shred of will power. This is the reason why I have none of these things in my kitchen, not even hidden away in a deep dark back cupboard ! My will power is, in reality about as fragile as an extremely badly built spiders web ! So I won't even bother checking my numbers tonight, it is all too depressing ! Lots of water to dilute the glucose I think !

Many congratulations all the cast - it is a true cast of 30 individual roles, each with a part to play, business to get on with and the confidence to do it. 

What a cracking group !

A little preview, but no costume trailers - t'would spoil the surprise !









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