Thursday, 13 July 2017

Curry and tough love

Chicken curry and a couple of poppadoms has been my 'post rehearsal' snack of choice over the last week. My Instant Pot has provided me with the wherewithal to make flavoursome and delicious meals in the speed of light ! So tonight after our final normal evening rehearsal I enjoyed a bowl of said curry, and some dark chocolate to follow whilst watching one of the All Blacks v Lions rugby matches on YouTube! What a great way to wind down after a long session with Mr Sullivan and Mr Gilbert at their silliest !

I am such a tyrant I sometimes wonder how they all put up with me - truly I expect the same level of work and attention that a professional company would require, and the same 100% effort in every part of the production. I say 'again' more times than any other word - but that very concentrated repitition is the very thing which makes it excellent, and at the high standard that I know they can deliver. I simply won't budge. I expect correct, slick, flawless and funny, and will never accept anything less than that. Year after year they come up with the goods, and each year they become more able and more dedicated in their outlook.

I do hope they still enjoy it........I am a leopard who won't change even one spot. My tough stage love allows for many outcomes. The young aspirants will learn in the future that I am a positive kitten by comparison with many producers and musical directors. The adult members are able to participate alongside the youngsters achieving such strength of sound and tone quality that their game is raised beyond anything they might have thought possible, and the children are being trained up to be the next generation of disciplined and self motivated singers.

But........I still hope they are having fun ? Fun can also come from high standards and not just from messing around with good friends.

I am proud and delighted - even when I am growling !

I love this picture - today the tough, but next Wednesday you will all fly !


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