Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Exams, shopping and a big week ahead.....

The weekend brought a great day out in Inverness. It is over a two hour drive from Paradise so in ,any ways it feels as if one is having an adventure ! I love going with a long list of shopping with interesting and odd items which can't be sourced on Paradise itself ! My friend an I have a usual route including lunch at a great garden shop where the food is plentiful and excellent, and Howdens the shop is a very good place to visit !

I had E for an 'exam' lesson on Sunday. She and her mum and singing teacher travel from Mid Argyll for this lesson. E is taking her Intermediate Recital Certificate and, I have great hopes, will do extremely well. She is such a responsive girl who is a joy to teach - even on a Sunday ! Her programme is very well balanced between serious and dark and whimsical entertainment. She has a delicious voice, creamy, warm and vibrant. At 16 she shows immense talent and I suspect will succeed in which ever genre of performance she decides upon !

Monday brought the first day of the teaching week spinning around once more - time flies so fast most especially when big events are piling up. Next Monday is exam day, and with two grade 8's, two Advanced Recital Certificates, one Intermediate, two grade 5's and a lovely grade 1 it will be a heavy day of playing for me. Then I have two days teaching and rehearsing before we leave for Saltburn for the Music Festival on Thursday. I am trying not to think about it all, and enjoy a couple of days off at the end of this week to recharge for the mammoth time ahead. 

I have been trying som EFT tapping to help my frozen shoulder. I used it once before and found it definitely helped with pain. The essence of it, and you can google and see the simple technique, is tapping on points which are acupuncture places in a sequence. Oddly I find it helps kill the pain for awhile, and this time I am going to try and keep up the doing of it regularly and maybe loosen my shoulder once and for all. Anything is worth trying, and I am a great believer in homeopathy, yoga and other marginally wacky stuff !

What I am not a believer in is giving up stimulants - so I am off for my one vice - a strength 10 espresso !



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