Thursday, 8 June 2017

Caro Nome or Election 2017 - I know which I prefer !

It is Election Day in the UK so pretty soon I will be off to vote. Living in Scotland the lie of the land is different, we have one party who hold almost everywhere - rather like a dictatorship really - and the other parties have lots of following but because they are separate they simply cannot individually raise a majority to make the system much more even. Together the other parties could indeed rout the dictatorship but I suspect that it will never be thus in my lifetime.

On the actual Election Day it seems all rather quiet compared to the frenetic journey the last 50 days has been. I read that campaigning is not allowed, political talk in the polling station is also not allowed - but according to the BBC twitter stream, taking your dogs photo at the polling station is very much 'the thing' ! Therefore I may take Gretel to add her cuteness to the growing gallery of dogs at polling stations, all of whom I must say look seriously disinterested in the work of the day !

My lovely M had her lesson last night - she is a very very high coloratura soprano with warm tone even above top C. She is 16 now, but with her ability it is difficult to find repertoire which stretches her but does not overwhelm. She is at the moment working on the wonderful Verdi aria Caro Nome, which is Gilda's moment of singing about her love for Gualtier Malde. It is a wonderfully decorative and charming piece which needs a flexible and even tone from bottom B to top D, and the ability to sing evenly throughout the range. This young lady can do this with ease, enjoyment and total control. How can that be I regularly ask myself !! 

We did finish her lesson however with a visit from A who is playing Grosvenor alongside M's Patience and we blocked the moves for Grosvenor's somewhat lounge lizard first appearance ! They sound wonderful together, look gorgeous and will be fantastic. The crisis over the set is now going away, and four of our members have gamely taken over the dealings with it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Here is the link to Dame Joan Sutherland whose performance of Caro Nome is definitive!


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