Saturday, 30 September 2017

An All New Baritone !

What excitement ! I had a delighted and utterly thrilled young man for his lesson yesterday ! J, who travels from Cromarty to Paradise every other week for a lesson is now 13 going on 14 and his voice has broken. In his lesson three weeks ago it was most definitely on the way down, but yesterday I have the most scrumptious baby baritone with a range of about 11/12th ! He was always a boy Alto in terms of quality of sound and his voice was quite breathy and heavy. It was a difficult treble voice to handle ! He has persevered and persevered even with all the trickiness of his youthful voice and now has sailed straight into a completely non breathy and easy to use baritone voice !

I think he is walking on air, or at least singing on air ! The range has already stretched from a good C # below middle C to the E above middle C which is quite remarkable in the time. So this meant straight away he could be given 'proper' male songs with a bit of humour and strength. I gave him the jolly 'Man is for Woman Made' by Purcell with all its fun lyrics, and the timeless 'Sea Fever' - what joy this was, and his 45 minutes flew by in a flurry of loud and healthy singing and many smiles and chuckles ! 

It is always such a worry as well as an excitement when a treble voice is breaking - a mysterious journey with an unknown world at the end of that journey. The really thrilling thing is that I am pretty sure that J will not have to take any break from his singing - now that is unusual !

I cannot wait to see where this road takes us.

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