Friday, 22 September 2017


We had a later start today due to the fact that we gained back one hour during the night, oddly the time changes between time zones always happens at 2am ? One would think it would click over at midnight, but no, every ship I have ever been in has said to set your clocks back or forward by one hour - and the change would happen at 2am !

A message came over the sound system from the captain telling us that the docking was now impossible as the Seawalk was not usable, so we would be dropping anchor and tendering to the land. 

Thus after a cabin breakfast we ventured out into the rain and chill, wrapped up in our Paradise waterproofs to sample the sights of Nyashamn which is a port one hour from Stockholm. It was a cold and slightly bumpy tender to shore, but not in any way problematical. The port area did not look promising, and doing as we were told we followed the blue painted line on the ground into the Zentrum of the small town. In essence it was walking by a busy road into the depths of  nowhere. We soon noticed folk on their way back to the ship, clearly having only been on land for 30 mins or so, therefore as the 10th group past by in the opposite direction to ourselves we made enquiries if the long and somewhat dull walk was worth it for the end product ! The answers were a universal no - most places were closed and it was not worth bothering with. We turned tail and legged it back to the ship, carefully following the blue line and finally arrived back to the tender dock, a mere 45 minutes after leaving the boat !

The dock was almost deserted, only shivering crew in great coats, wooly hats and thick gloves were there, the lifeboat tender was bobbing at the tied rope, only a quarter full of gloomy passengers slowly sinking into a frozen state. We joined them under the canopy bemoaning our wasted time in the cold ! Of course in reality nothing is ever wasted as…………

I can honestly say I have now been to Sweden but sadly, it was closed.

The cold and dismal tender dock with only the crew........and no coffee or tea on offer for them to warm up !

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