Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Iceland and physio .........

We have arrived in Iceland, and I have just had my third physio appointment for the frozen shoulder. It is painful but is working wonders. The ship have a resident physiotherapist which is a first as far as I can tell, and he is working small miracles. He says the pain is from the shoulder blade which is stuck, and that after 40 years of continuous piano playing it would be a miracle if I did not have very stuck shoulders !!

The sun is shining and kate and I will disembark after a quick lunch and explore the small village in front of me as I write called Seydisfjordor - I think…….sorry Morag and Magnus. 

I can upload the writing with my Mifi equipment but must wait for faster wifi to upload pictures - it is what comes of being in small and remote places I think ! If we were docking in New York it would be a different story I reckon.

The peace is wonderful, and the food delectable. The Faroes were lively and now on to the first of four ports in Iceland finishing with Reykjavik.

Pictures to follow !

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