Thursday, 27 July 2017

Dinner, Lunch and portion control.......

We docked in Akureyri at 7 am this morning in a sunny climate with the tips of the mountains just a little snow capped. The Atlantic has been very kind thus far, calm waters and no waves above 3 metres even out in the middle of the Northern part of the ocean. Sailing out from Seydisfjordur last evening was gorgeous- wonderful layered rock formations and such greenery, all the way up the mountain sides. We sat by the big windows hoping for an amiable whale to surface somewhere but clearly they were not up for playing the ' entertain the tourist ' game. 

Dinner was a delight - it was Italian night, so the waiters aprons were made of an Italian flag, the wine was Italian and the food of the same ilk. My first G&T of the cruise went down a treat and the Beef Carpaccio and Pollo was delicious. I love people watching, and a few cruises ago we had a dreadfully overbearing man on a table close by madly trying to outdo all his fellow diners with stories of wealth, fame and achievement- this time, I am gratefully able to report all around us are quiet and respectful of other diners, and are clearly there ( as we are) to eat as much gorgeous food as possible within the dining hours ! Greed rules.

I do like going to the restaurants for lunch and dinner - you may think this is simple gluttony,  it actually it is the opposite. The restaurant provides portion control ! In the buffet I may be tempted to layer four pieces of meat or cheese, but in the dining room one is given the right amount of everything for one person, and so it is difficult to be gluttonous!

Ah well, off to a delightfully correct lunch, Mmmmmmmm 

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