Monday, 3 July 2017

Audition fever and holidays....

It is my last week of teaching and I am looking forward to the rest - albeit that I have the show to do in the next 3 weeks ! So not an easy rest if you see what I mean, but then the day after the last night show myself and K are driving to Dundee and catching the 'slow boat to Iceland' ! Well, a wonderful cruise calling at the Shetlands, the Faroes and three corners of Iceland. It is with Cruise and Maritime and oh boy I am so looking forward to it ! 

I feel a tiny bit decadent as after Iceland I leave for the South to spend time with the family and fulfil my birthday present, two days at the Athletics World Champs in London. Then the grandchildren and M are returning to Skye with me for a week before I start my teaching term. Only six weeks after that I leave for another cruise on the new Cruise and Maritime ship, Colombus, for 12 days in the Baltics ! What a few months I hear you all say ! Indeed you are right, and it has worked out as a lot of holiday. My pupils will have to suffer for a month or so, but I feel certain they will survive ! 

There will be exams next term but not til November, and N will make her auditions for Music College in December, so there are some important and intense happenings, but even with all my holidays there will be plenty of lessons for those things !

Choosing audition material is so very important and I slightly flatter myself that it is a skill that has been one of my strengths. In my career - as we speak now - I have never failed to get anyone in to a Conservatory. This is not just clever teaching, but also the knowledge that for the prospective auditionee, it is not the right time to audition, or it is not a feasible choice, or a pupil, however much they want it is simply not up to scratch. This has meant a few difficult conversations over the years, a few disappointments for some, but success for those who really can do the job. That knowledge is worth more than gold, saves much future disappointments, and hopefully secures places for those singers who are at the top of their college year, and not clinging on by the fingertips !

The fingertips scenario is the worst place to be. Just getting by, but never being given operatic roles or plum solos. It can be very demoralising. 

Being a big fish in a slightly less elevated college is much preferable. Middy always told us that being a happy, talented and contented amateur was indeed very rewarding, and being a miserable and oft times unemployed professional who is not on the top rung of the ladder, is a depressing place to be.

She was 150% correct, and N will definitely audition - but at her control freak teachers' timetable !!! It's fine though - she knows that......


The tranquility as opposed to.....

The stress  - Agh !



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