Friday, 2 June 2017

A Barn Raising

Barn raising update ! What a group of wonderful workers - it took all of 45 mins with 9 folk - adults, children and me - and the place looked like a new pin. It was miraculous ! 

So now the set arrives this afternoon and the roof must be temporarily water proofed with tarpaulins until the re roofing can actually happen. That will be the next update. Ratchets and spanners standing by for the set erection. 

That's the bad bit !!!  


What a sterling group of chaps and ladies helped today. The barn has a temporary and waterproof inside roof and the set took three journeys with the trailer, and as I speak the men and Shauna are assembling half the set ......well actually everyone is too tired to do that now, and the midgies are awful so the days work is ended.


Thank goodness the sun shined down upon us......

More at some later date, I am off to the local Indian restaurant for a well deserved meal. I am fairly badly bitten, but feeling much less stressed about the whole thing. It is here, it is safe and we can now get on with it.

Bon appetit !


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