Thursday, 25 May 2017

Salonpas = pain relief !

I thought I would post some pictures of the pain patches I use so if there is anyone else out there with nagging muscle pain it might be of some use ! They seem to be manufactured in Vietnam, but they were very popular in China. It takes a day for them to get going - if you see what I mean ! I then feel almost total relief so I keep exchanging them after the appropriate length of time.

I first bought them for my elderly mother who had painful arthritis in her feet but couldn't tolerate much in the way of pills by the time she was almost 90. I saw them in a local Chinese pharmacy the very first time I was adjudicating at the festival in Hong Kong  and felt it was worth a try. She felt they relieved her pain with no side effects or tummy upsets so it was a win win 

With my icy shoulder I thought I would give them a go last year and they have definitely given some much needed relief - so there you have it ! One can easily purchase them on EBay - I have no shares in said auction website !

I am teaching tomorrow for a couple of hours as a few folk needed some extra time, another had incompatible work shifts at their usual time and young J from miles away, is coming for his lesson, so I need to gather myself tomorrow morning and snap out of 'day off' mode ! It doesn't matter how few pupils I have or even just one, I still have that feel of a workday. It is odd but one gears up and the adrenaline zooms into the bloodstream in readiness for work ! Some big exams are on the way, so it will be a sizeable afternoon........



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