Monday, 29 May 2017

Patience and the annual headache !

There have been so extraordinary happenings over the weekend ! I wonder if I will ever produce another show which will happen without major upheaval?! For many and various reasons one of my leading roles has fallen away from the cast for the last three years. It has been for unavoidable circumstances, but I still feel as if we have been remarkably unlucky! 


This year my Bunthorne has had to pull out of the show leaving an enormous hole which has taken some swivelling of singers to fully compensate. My teenaged girls are as ever, totally amiable, flexible and smiling when faced with a change of role - even a change of gender ! N and A readily agreed to switch roles - A from Lady Jane to Grosvenor and N from Angela to Lady Jane ! Not a flicker or a complaint, not even a worry about relearning music. What gems they are ! Bunthorne will now be played by K of the Advanced Recital Certificate.......she was already being Grosvenor but because Dear Archibald does not appear until halfway through Act 1, she had been acting, dancing and smirking as the odious Bunthorne during rehearsals. Like the trooper she is, when asked to switch roles she did not murmur - just said 'yes' and said she would start learning it immediately.

I am forever astonished by the dedication and loyalty of these lovely folks, and people whom I gratefully call my friends. They just want the whole production to be a success, and whatever I throw at them, or ask them to do, they accept and fulfil with enthusiasm and such generosity of spirit.

So here we are, singers switching with ne'er a murmur, and a producer/musical director whose heart rate and blood pressure have levelled off at acceptable ! It will be wonderful I know, and even more so because of those members of Inner Sound who just 'get on with the job'.

Please please please, if anyone up there is listening, I would love an easy year.........2018 ?

Girls can take these roles easily..........


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