Friday, 19 May 2017

Handel, Mary Poppins and Cheesecake

My ladies gave a concert last Friday which was just lovely, beautifully sung and elegantly presented and they really did themselves justice and made me a very proud teacher. There was everything from Handel to Mary Poppins ( complete with apron and carpet bag) and all types of music in between. They are so dedicated and detailed in their work and in truth all I did was arrange the order of the programme, they put this together themselves. It was a triumph ! The six of them added choral music and duets into the evening and gave the audience a jolly fine concert.

One of the lovely things about the evening was that almost every teenager who sings in the group came to listen and cheer at the top of their voices these delightful ladies, and then after the concert they served food and drink to the assembled gathering whilst th performers sat with friends and family ! It was a wonderful reversal and a resounding thank you from the teens to those ladies who were so supportive to them during The Little Sweep. They made costumes, made tea, made lots of positive remarks and generally were rocks for the youngsters during the rehearsals and performances. 

That's what I love about Inner Sound, it is such a team. Members from 6 to 70 who have such respect and affection for one another, that even if you removed the singing that said respect and affection would still be there.


The end of the dress rehearsal of The Little Sweep


The whole team !

I bought an electric pressure cooker a week ago, and it is rapidly becoming my new best friend and possibly obsession ! I have made chicken satay, lamb hot pot, chicken curry and sausage casserole since the postman delivered it, but the miracle of miracles is that I have also made genuine New York vanilla cheesecake. Now you must understand I have never in my whole life made anything like this before - even more amazingly, it tasted like the real thing and was can this be ? The cheesecake was even Low Carb for diabetics ! Chicken satay in 15/20 minutes, cooked on returning home from a rehearsal for this year's show, and using iceberg frozen chicken fillets, hard enough to have ripped the hull off the Titanic. 

I am a total convert, this could be life changing !


Not mine, but as near as .......


 The beast Grrrrrrr.......


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